Cancer-related Events

Event Title: CANRES Webinar Series - CAR-Ts in Cancer Therapy
22-Apr-2021 to 22-Apr-2021 Past Event
Venue: Online
Organizer: UPM, Makna, War on Cancer
Theme: Abstract: Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells are genetically engineered T cells that are currently approved for treatment of blood cancers. This talk will cover one of the major molecular mechanisms for immune evasion of cancer cells, and how CAR-T cells can overcome this challenge. We will also cover the developmental history of CAR-Ts, current approvals and indications, as well as current market conditions. Importantly, the talk will give an overview of the course of treatment for patients, and current challenges facing the application of CAR-Ts in the clinic, particularly in solid tumours. Lastly, we will discuss current research and technologies that are being explored as potential solutions to these challenges, as well as next-generation CAR products.